Many thanks to the growing list of people who have helped support this project in any number of different ways. It’s all helped!

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Patreon Patrons

So much gratitude for anyone who has pledged financial support at any point through the life of this project on Patreon:


Inspiration, Research, and Resources

I had to get my information and ideas from somewhere! And some of these good people helped me out with visual resources.

  • Cate Lineberry (author of Be Free or Die: ) – for an account of Robert Smalls’ life that I used as a jumping-off point for all that followed.
  • Andrew Billingsley (author of Yearning to Be Free: Robert Smalls of South Carolina and His Families) – a look at Smalls’ life and relationships.
  • Randy Van Nostrand – for supplying me with a digital 3D model of the CSS Planter as a visual reference for drawing it.
  • Justin McIntyre – (curator of the South Carolina Maritime Museum) for sending me some photos of the model of the CSS Planter in the museum
  • Michael Boulware Moore – Robert Smalls’ great-great-grandson who sent me some photos of Robert Smalls.


Sometimes the support has been just an ear to listen to me worry, or cheering me on as I work.

  • Jessica Brettle – an avid supporter since day one.
  • Elle Wood – Another active member of the cheering squad.
  • Anya Jung – a fellow artist whose insights and input have been most useful.

And absolutely anyone that has said a kind, encouraging, or constructive word to me throughout the project, or shared or reposted anything relating to it. It is all noticed, and all appreciated.