Curtis Allen - the creator. A photo for my About The Creator page.
It’s me!

About Me

Hello, and welcome to “Unsung Superheroes”—a vivid journey through graphic novels that spotlight the silent heroes of history whose tales are rarely told but deserve to be celebrated.

Well, what would you like to know about the creator of Unsung Superheroes?
My name is Curtis, and I’m the creator and artist behind these stories. Residing in Birmingham, England, I have nurtured a lifelong passion for drawing, which began with crafting Superman comics as a child. My artistic journey is accompanied by a love for rock and metal music, the exhilarating films of Jackie Chan, the whimsy of Steampunk, and the adventures of climbing trees.

Having earned a degree in acting from drama school, my career has been eclectic. I’ve worked as a health care assistant, a planetarium operator, a DJ for rock bars and weddings, and occasionally, as a stiltwalker and performer at various events. Incidentally, if you are looking for a DJ with an extensive knowledge of rock, metal, emo and alternative music for your wedding or event, please do check out my DJing website at

The current focus of my graphic novel series is Robert Smalls—an incredible figure who transitioned from enslavement to becoming a pivotal advocate for education and civil rights, even serving five terms as a U.S. Congressman. His story, like many others I aim to tell, is full of bravery, ingenuity, and a relentless fight for justice.

These narratives are thoroughly researched to ensure accuracy, though I allow myself some creative license to bring the stories vividly to life. The completion of each page brings me closer to sharing these important stories with a broader audience through online platforms and hopefully, in physical copies that can be accessed in schools and libraries.

Support for this project is always welcome, and I invite you to join our community on Patreon. Your support not only advances the production of these novels but also contributes to the fight against modern-day slavery, with 10% of all proceeds going to Anti-Slavery International.

This project is more than just retelling history; it’s about giving voice to those who had the courage to change their worlds. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you leave inspired by the incredible lives of these unsung superheroes.