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What is “Unsung Superheroes”?

Simply put: it’s a series of historical graphic novels.

Throughout history, there have been a great number of people, just regular people, who have overcome near-unsurpassable odds, shown insurmountable bravery, or mind-boggling skill to do something seemingly superhuman.

Not all of these people are well-known for their acts; for example, for every Oskar Schindler, there’s a Lois Gunden (look her up!).

I’m creating a series of graphic novels to highlight these lesser-known true human stories of bravery, compassion, and humanity, and the lives of the people behind them, each one telling the story of a different Unsung Superhero. 

I’m researching each story in depth, and each will be based on the known facts of the events and the people involved (though taking some dramatic license where needed).

Whose Story is Being Worked On Now?

Robert Smalls Meme
Robert Smalls Meme

The story I’m working on at the moment is that of Robert Smalls. He was born a slave in America in the 19th Century. During the American Civil War, he orchestrated a daring and completely non-violent escape before embarking on a most remarkable life of promoting the value of black lives, and the benefits of education, including serving five terms as a U.S. Congressman!

After months of reading, researching, and writing, the Covid lockdown allowed me to finish that stage and I’m now drawing the actual graphic novel.

Where Can You Read Them?

I will release each story online at first, each page being posted as it’s completed. Each finished page will be uploaded to my Patreon first, for my Patrons to view. Later, I’ll upload them at the top of this very page for general consumption so bookmark this page. After that, I hope to get them published as physical copies and to try to get them into places like school libraries so children and young adults may learn about these lesser-known historical figures in a fun and unforced way.

You can read more about the development and creation of this project as it happens on my blog which is regularly updated, and on the Unsung Superheroes Facebook page.

This is a collection of historical graphic novels, featuring true tales of real, ordinary people, like you and I, who did remarkable things, and who maybe aren’t as well known as they could be.
This is the “Unsung Superheroes” graphic novel series.
This is “US”.

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