Henry McKee

Sketches of Henry McKee
Sketches of Henry McKee

I didn’t have the best day yesterday. I was frightfully tired and grumpy and irritable with it. Then I tried to start some sketches for the next page of the graphic novel only to find my stylus for digital drawing had a flat battery and I had no spares.

So I ordered some more batteries and instead decided to do some research into what a plantation owner might be wearing in the southern states in the late 1830s.

You see, in the next page, Henry McKee, the man who “owned” Robert and his mother Lydia will make his first appearance. He inherited his father’s estate aged around 23 when his father, John, died. Henry was 27 when Robert was born.

In all my researching, I’ve not found any photos or drawings of McKee, nor any physical descriptions so his appearance here is a complete fabrication based on pictures I have found of similarly aged men from the time. I’m wondering now if I should base his appearance on someone I know or maybe an actor so I can have a range of facial expressions and angles to work on.

(Ooh! My ordered stylus batteries literally just arrived! That was quick!)

Here’s a couple of quick pencil sketches I did yesterday of how Henry McKee may appear at the start of the novel.

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