A halftone-obscured teaser image of the next page of the Robert Smalls graphic novel from Unsung Superheroes
If you make it small enough, or stand far enough away, you can pretty much make out the images! And no; that isn’t a Sphinx halfway down the page!

I have just completed the next page of the Robert Smalls graphic novel! Here’s a heavily halftoned teaser…

I’ve said before I tend to second-guess myself a lot which uses up a lot of time, but after speaking to a friend on Tuesday, I gave myself the kick in the pants I needed to stop second-guessing, trust myself, and get the page finished!

For the first time, I’m a little nervous to show it because for all the time it took me, I don’t think all that time is necessarily apparent on the page.

However, I will be posting it on on my Patreon page for my Patrons tomorrow at midday (GMT), so check back then to see it and please be gentle with me!

I’ve got a lot of work on over the next couple of weeks, but I will be starting work on the next page right away, fitting working on it in as and when I can.

Unsung Superheroes is an ongoing project, creating graphic novels based on the stories of real-life historical figures whose stories may not be as well-known as they could be.

New pages are added to the current story on the Homepage.

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Become a Patron!

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