Page 17 – Colouring Completed – Watercolour Effect

Page 17 - Coloured using a watercolour effect
Page 17 – Coloured using a watercolour effect

Hmmm…. I’m not sure how happy I am with this page. 

Lydia is telling the story of how her family were brought to America. I wanted the panels showing the story she’s telling to look a little different to the main story panels, but after thinking about some ideas about how I would do that, I had some ideas that I really liked the idea of. The idea that caught my imagination the most was drawing the figures in the story to look like smoke. However, I didn’t think I could pull off any of the effects I was thinking of well… yet.

There was, of course, the option of learning how to create the effects I was thinking of, but that would have taken a lot of time and required learning how to draw in a completely new style. While I love learning new things and experimenting, I am already painfully aware of how slowly this is going. It pains me to say this but I chose an easier option over a better option merely due to the time it would take because I would actually like to finish this project. I feel a little like I’ve let myself down by taking a less time-consuming route.

I opted for pencils and a low-detailed watercolour effect to differentiate the panels. It still took a lot more time to colour than normal as it was still a very different way of colouring than what I’m used to, and I’m not sure how much I like the effect but this is how the page is looking so far. I’m going to let it sit for a while and see how I feel about it later, when I come to letter it – hopefully tomorrow.

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